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The Bloodline System

NovelThe Bloodline SystemThe Bloodline System
Chapter 211 – A Little Revelation amusement cast
Angy felt the mass increase once more, pushing her physique downwards a little bit. Her legs bent a little due to the development of weight. Nevertheless, Angy slowly started off pressing upwards yet again.
[Combination has been stimulated]
The unique class prospects had been teaching here since they were brought to the tower a week in the past. So, that they had already undergone these stages as part of their instruction. The kids in bright uniforms seen that Gustav experienced just practically completed the Difficult.
The bottom of the big cylindrical-like huge construction was soft.
The Bloodline System
“Nope, he fought without one just as before,” Teemee solved while looking at the surface having a start looking of suspicion.
“Entire AMOUNT OF Bodyweight, ‘12000 POUNDS’.”
-“What in the world..?”
The floor restructured itself in-front just as before, as well as a big board protruded from the soil.
-“Why did it look like he was faster than prior to?”
‘I must reveal somewhat below… I suppose it’s this time, eh?’ Gustav breathed in as he turned up while watching board.
Angy managed as advised, and she was instructed to arrange herself to pick up the weight.
“Issuing 3000 Weight!”
“What might have been his rating if he possessed built using of it?” Glade’s voice took place to be heard by others around them, this also took over as the next theme of dialogue.
-“Why made it happen appear like he was faster than well before?”

On Gustav’s a part of the tv screen, his report was finally presented.
The automatic sound released.
The foot of the large cylindrical-like large system was sleek.
-“He g..ot a… 9.9..?”
The automatic sound released.
Angy did as advised, and she was shared with to organize herself to raise the weight.
Gustav stared at his rank and nodded a bit.
“What exactly is his bloodline skill?”
-“Oh my goodness, wasn’t the best at this point, an 8.8, and therefore was in episode energy, not combat functionality,”
[Bloodwolf modification + Bull change]
“TOTAL Volume Of Pounds, ‘12000 POUNDS’.”

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