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Jellynovel 风一色 – Chapter 2502 – You Seem to be Scared! duck committee reading-p2
Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2502 – You Seem to be Scared! scintillating hands
A Sword Dao rule of thumb, a spatial concept, had not been enough to present a threat to him.
Lin Chaotian mentioned within a stern sound, “Ye Yuan, if you dare can come around, this ancestor will grind it! The Damage of Life is a rule piece. So long as it is shattered, it can get back to paradise and world!
He used his most alarming indicates in a condition of extreme rage.
With Sword Dao tip and spatial tip fusing, the actual Ye Yuan was way too formidable!
Plainly, before this, his spatial legislation obtained not arrived at fantastic finalization but.
“He … He’s actually completely unscathed! Absolutely unscathed! This … How are these claims possible? Those are Cangli Heavenly Blaze and Nihility Karmic Fire! He actually did not even make use of divine substance? I’m not dreaming proper?”
He really was frightened!
“This … Could it always be performed this way?”
This person was always just outside of your comprehending!
How could this not frighten him?
“Why? Weren’t you very arrogant prior to? Didn’t you need to unify the human race? Is our individual race’s sovereign functioning aside?” Ye Yuan looked over him and reported having a laugh which had been not really a laugh.
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Inside a simple one month’s time, his spatial regulation actually reached the whole world of guideline!
His flame handling method acquired lengthy actually hit the acme of flawlessness.
Lin Chaotian roared, maintained a large great pet bird, and hurried toward Ye Yuan.
Lin Chaotian roared, transported a significant fantastic pet bird, and rushed toward Ye Yuan.
How could this not frighten him?
It was his final trump credit card!
Ye Yuan seemed to have extended envisioned it. His shape just influenced and this man definitely blocked before Lin Chaotian.

“Insane! Seriously mad! He … He’s actually using s.p.a.ce as a weapon!”
Lin Chaotian urged his divine essence towards the severe, jogging into your distance.
… …
The sides of Ye Yuan’s lips curled slightly and then he failed to unleash some planet-shaking significant transfer often, rus.h.i.+ng instantly for those fantastic crow.
At this point, Lin Chaotian eventually wished to back again out.
All things considered, in the past when Shang Suspend merged s.p.a.ce and time, two great principles, Shang Suspend could not do just about anything to him.
There was amazed sounds overall.
The fantastic crow’s two wings shook, consuming directly towards Ye Yuan.
Even though they failed to appreciate the beginnings of these two mighty fire, they might also experience the horror of these two of fire.
At this point, Ye Yuan finally transferred!
Ye Yuan did actually have prolonged anticipated it. His determine just influenced and the man definitely obstructed in front of Lin Chaotian.
He thought that right after he became a Dao Ancestor, he can tower above all of humankind.
Who will have estimated that inside a brief one month’s time, Ye Yuan actually has become strong to this kind of degree!
Of course, in the past when Shang Hang fused s.p.a.ce and time, two great guidelines, Shang Hang up could not do anything to him.

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